TYM Tractors

TYM first entered the US market in 1999 branding tractors first for Mahindra’s 10 series. As time progressed, TYM tractors were sold regionally under the Millennium and Scorpion brand names. And later OEM branded for an additional company for a few years. The TYM brand is known world wide.



T903/T903s & T1003/T1003s

T903 and T1003 are currently TYM’s largest models. Engineered to meet the needs of users whose applications require the ability to handle larger implements and larger jobs.


T353 & T353 HST

TYM’s T300,T350 and T353/HST models are the ideal choice for equestrian/stable or estate maintenance where multi-tasking by various operators is often a requirement. With easy to use controls these tractors make switching from one task to another straightforward for any operator.


TYM Loaders

TYM loaders are specifically designed and fabricated for TYM tractors. TYM loaders provide the ability to perform an almost endless number of lifting and loading tasks. TYM loaders have a curved boom which compliments the sleek hood lines perfectly. TYM Loaders are available up to 60 HP tractor models. They are also quick detachable and available with a wide range of attachments.