Brush Cutter

On the following page you will see a few of Makita's Brush cutters, If you follow the link below. It will take you too there full range.

Click here for Makita's full range of brush cutters.


The Makita EBH252U brush cutter is the baby of Makita brush cutter range, Fitted with bike handles and weighing in at 5.7KG it provides easy manoeuvring in them tight areas. This Brush cutter Is manufactured with the Makita 4 stroke engine, therefore removes the need for premixing fuel.

The EBH252U comes with the following kit

  • Cutter blade
  • Nylon cutting head
  • Harness
  • Hex wrench x2
  • Socket wrench
  • Oil bottle
  • Accessory bag

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Comfortable shoulder harness with waist belt and double shoulder straps.

Multi-positional engine

Floating structure of engine section and bike handle section; four rubber buffers absorb the vibration transmitted from engine to bike handle.

Rubberized soft grip provides comfortable and sure grip.

Powerful and environmentally friendly 4-stroke engine. Low noise and clean exhaust emission.

Tool less quick fastening handle holder.

Universal guard for both metal blade and nylon cutting head.