Winter Service time are you ready to cut? domestic/ commercial

Our service work come in all shapes and sizes please see below a general guide price , more IN-DEPTH estimates can be supplied on request.

  • Domestic garden hand rotary mower’s  £49.00 plus VAT plus any parts fitted, Service includes oil change, spark plug, air filter check/changed , blade sharpening or replaced, tyres and belt checked, general check over and washed off ready for Spring cutting customer advised of any issues during check overs.
  • Ride garden rotary Mower service  £140.00 plus VAT plus parts fitted, service includes engine oil change , spark plug, air filter check/change, fuel filter, blades sharpened or replaced , tyres and belts checked, washed off and general check and greased round, customer advised of any issues during checks.
  • Cylinder mower customers, Have your mower cylinder ground, set  on cut and set height of cut to get that perfect edge to your lawn prices start from £1.50 per inch cutting unit.
Commercial service quotations on request.
All makes and models serviced, to book just send an email or give us a call.
tel:01205 290900

To get a quote or advice on a repair or product servicing,  just call our workshop number on:

01205 290900

Our Service Department has always been able to supply the customer with a high quality, competitive good value for money service, with 40 years of experience in agricultural and groundcare/grass cutting machinery we feel this is, and always has been, the key to our success To be able to provide an excellent back up service once the machine has been purchased and for the customer to be able to keep it in good working order through its life span with quality genuine parts and knowledgeable repairs/service work. On or off site maintenance provided. We have fully trained LTA technicians that are kept up to date with all new products and training courses available.We can supply you with a full range of services including golf, contractors and amenity customers catered for any make or model of machinery in our fully fitted work shop. Also winter servicing and all year round repairs for domestic machinery.

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